Our offerings extend beyond the conventional, providing a comprehensive suite of services meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of modern defense.

Acquisition Life-Cycle Pathfinding

PM13 Defense Solutions, LLC specializes in business and strategy development for companies seeking to do business with the Department of Defense.  Our knowledge of defense acquisition and our connections within the military and defense industry will allow you to efficiently target the right audience with your product or service and gain traction with the relevant organizations. 

Our Focus Areas Include:

Acquisition Life-Cycle Pathfinding & Business Development Services
Approach Analysis

Market Assessment / Mission Analysis

A Market Assessment provides insights into competitors and, more importantly, which competitors are successfully marketing and selling their products/solutions to the federal government. The Market Assessment should highlight the demand for the product, what is working, what’s not, and prospective customers. PM13s Market Assessment can answer questions: 

Market Research

Synergistic Partnerships

Technology Assessment

Subject Matter Experts

Develop a Plan

Funding Opportunities


Business Development

PM13 Defense Solutions will take the time to understand your product and its unique selling features. Understand who in the DoD would benefit from your solution or service and work with you to develop a targeted marketing strategy. PM13 will strive to identify, attract and acquire new business opportunities for clients that drive growth and profitability. Our approach is rooted in the following:


Evaluate the product/service for potential military applications.

Strategic Partnerships

Seek out strategic partnerships and influencers that will assist with establishing or increasing market presence within the DoD bureaucracy

New Market Opportunities

Are there additional opportunities for your product?

Our goal is to increase sales growth, expand business through effective marketing within the DoD, and position your company to capture new and future opportunities.
Business Development Services
Government Technologies

Introducing New Technologies to the Government

We assist the company in explaining the product/service applicability to the DoD and how it is transitional for the developer and transformative for the user. Make clear the product/service advantages over existing systems and how they can help users in their day-to-day work

Introducing New Technologies to the Government

We provide a customized seminar, either at your location or virtually, to help get you started. There are no long-term obligations, making this a great way to investigate the world of defense.
Contact PM13 Defense Solutions, LLC today if you are interested!
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Jim Blackburn

PM13 Senior Consultant
BG (RET) US Army
Pathfinder Profile:

Jim Blackburn, BG (R) USA, Senior Consultant at PM13 Defense Solutions

Brigadier General (R) Jim Blackburn‘s illustrious career in the defense sector is a testament to his unwavering dedication and strategic acumen. With a distinguished background in the U.S. Army, Brigadier General Blackburn has consistently showcased decisive leadership in challenging environments and played pivotal roles in shaping defense strategies vital to national security.

Beginning his journey as a Distinguished Military Graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Brigadier General Blackburn’s leadership trajectory took him to commanding positions across various global theaters of operation. His tenure has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to advancing military operations through strategic innovation.

Demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and professional development, Brigadier General Blackburn has acquired advanced degrees in National Security and Strategic Studies, augmenting his capacity for strategic thinking and analysis.

Transitioning to the corporate arena, Brigadier General Blackburn’s leadership as the CEO of Keshik Mobile Power Systems and as the Executive Vice President of Mistral Inc. exemplifies his ability to bridge military expertise with cutting-edge technology and innovation, driving advancements in defense capabilities.

Currently serving as a Senior Consultant at PM13 Defense Solutions and holding a strategic position at Defience Systems, Inc., Brigadier General Blackburn continues to shape robust defense strategies and solutions, contributing to the success and growth of the defense community.

Brigadier General Blackburn‘s legacy serves as a beacon of excellence and innovation, propelling PM13 Defense Solutions and the broader defense industry toward new horizons of operational excellence and strategic success.

Jim Blackburn

PM13 Senior Consultant
BG (RET) US Army

Brigadier General (R) Blackburn is the senior consultant for PM13 Consulting and also serves as the Board Director for Defience Systems Incorporated.

Key Contributions:

He previously served as the CEO of Keshik Mobile Power Systems, and the Executive Vice President of Mistral Inc. in Bethesda MD. Brigadier General Blackburn retired in 2017 after 31 years of Active Federal Commissioned Service as an Armor and Cavalry officer leading soldiers in war zones from every rank, Lieutenant through Brigadier General. 

Military Expertise

He is a 1986 Distinguished Military Graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and holds a Master of Science Degree in National Security from the U.S. Naval War College, and a Masters of Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.

Patrick Maloney

PM13 President
Pathfinder Profile:

Patrick Maloney, LTC (RET) USA, President and Executive Director of PM13 Defense Solutions

With over 32 years of distinguished service in the United States Army, Patrick Maloney, LTC (R) USA, brings a wealth of military expertise and leadership to his role as the President and CEO of PM13 Defense Solutions. Throughout his military career, Patrick held various leadership positions, demonstrating exceptional competence in operations, contracting, and project management.

As a combat veteran, Patrick played pivotal roles in both Afghanistan and Iraq, where his leadership and strategic acumen were instrumental in mission success. He served as Chief of Contracting, providing critical support for combat operations and reconstruction efforts, managing initiatives worth billions in construction, commodities, and services.

Transitioning from the military to the defense industry, Patrick spearheaded PM13 Defense Solutions, guiding the firm to prominence with his visionary leadership and strategic insights. Under his direction, PM13 has become a trusted partner in the defense sector, renowned for its innovative solutions and commitment to excellence.

In addition to his role at PM13 Defense Solutions, Patrick serves as the CEO of PM13Tactical and Frontline Lighting, subsidiaries specializing in tactical gear and lighting products. Leveraging his extensive military connections, Patrick fosters strategic collaborations with industry leaders to enhance their market presence within the Department of Defense (DoD).

Patrick Maloney‘s unwavering dedication to innovation and client success has positioned PM13 as a key player in the defense industry. With a mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance safety, security, and performance, Patrick continues to lead PM13 toward new heights of excellence and achievement.

Key Contributions:

Steered PM13 Consulting from its inception to its current renown in defense solutions, earning recognition for leadership and strategic business insights

Military Expertise

Brings 32 years of active military service, with notable achievements in:

Operations Leadership:

Played a pivotal role in Afghanistan and Iraq, holding key leadership positions.

Contracting Authority

Served as Chief of Contracting, providing essential services and support for combat operations and reconstruction efforts.

Project Management

Oversaw comprehensive project development, from review to execution, managing initiatives worth billions in construction, commodities, and services.

Strategic Partnerships

Utilizes extensive military connections to aid companies in navigating defense sector complexities, fostering success through strategic collaborations.

Notable Partnerships
Collaborated with industry leaders like
  • Royal Tencate,
  • ATSE,
  • Frontline Lighting, and
  • Vorbeck to enhance their market presence within the Department of Defense (DoD)

Patrick’s leadership and strategic acumen have positioned PM13 as a key player in the defense sector, committed to innovation and client success.